Work together on your social dialogue practises

The decrees signed by President Macron, the 'ordonnances Travail', bring significant changes in the area of labour laws and collective bargaining. They will require a more structured employee dialogue with the Comité Social et Economique, collective agreement and changes in the timing of negotiations as well as greater stakeholder initiative.



It may be useful to take stock of how employee relations and tools work in your company and review practices before going forward.

What we can bring to the table is practical expertise in occupational health and safety (CHSCT) and a nuanced understanding of situations that are complex. Thanks to our occupational psychology skills, we are able to listen to both staff and employers and engage them in a collective reflexion about labour relations.


76.7% of all companies reported that no collective bargaining on working conditions had taken place in the last 12 months (56.1% for companies with between 50 to 249 employees).
[Source : latest DARES Survey ‘Conditions de travail’]

What we can offer:

Audit engagement practices and ways of working to improve employee dialogue;

In particular, review what you have achieved in the area of collective agreements, and your demands and needs;

Bring forward proposals for developing tools such as: BDES, Employee Dialogue Committee.