Our belief and values

Our belief

Ensuring responsiveness

Ensuring quality work to meet the demands of clients and users as well as meeting high-professional standards to do one’s job well in good conditions are key to business development and performance.

We propose innovative and responsive solutions based on our knowledge of work in all its dimensions, and of the challenges employees encounter in the workplace.

You own the solutions and we help you to implement them: there is no magical bullet. No recommendation can become a solution unless it is actually owned by the people involved.

Being ethical and independent is at the heart of our concerns; how to create a relationship of trust to support the intervention is what we focus on.

Our values

Our intervention path

Independence and neutrality: never get involved in the tensions of the workplace. Make the intervention, but don’t be judgmental !

Transparent methods and practices: we say what we do and do what we say.

Pragmatism: taking into account a whole range of business and other on-field hazards.

Confidentiality and privacy as a means to build confidence with people.

Listening to people: helping people to find the right language to express their emotions and feelings when dealing with workplace situations. We place a great emphasis on empathy.