Bespoke interventions designed for you

One-to-One and group interviews. Scientific surveys with a focus on psychosocial risks and health at work.

To this effect, we use two types of surveys: COPSOQ (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) and Robert Karasek’s Job Content Questionnaire.



Corporate surveys assessing the social climate tailored for your company’s needs.

On-site observations of workplace situations.

Desk research about strategic, corporate, social and H&S data.

RHepair is a flexible organisation

I can work on my own or as part of an expert network with specialist skills in: mediation, ergonomics, dynamic psychology, and sociology.

Our interventions are structured around three main phases, according to principles of agility and responsiveness while abiding by a rigorous methodological and axiological framework: independence, empathy, confidentiality and privacy, neutrality.

Great attention is paid to the preliminary phase prior to the actual analysis.

Our deliverables are all available in English.

Our interventions can take place anywhere in France or abroad.