About us

RHepair is an ongoing projet

For too long business performance and good working conditions have been seen as incompatible in the business world. If we are to take a fresh look at factors that determine job performance, we need to recognise working conditions as a driver of business performance.

About us - RHepair
My name is Rachel Wolf, and I am the founder of RHepair. I have a MBA in HRM (Master 2 RH et RSE) and I am also a qualified occupational psychologist (CNAM de Paris).

A multi-disciplinary approach

I have 15 years of business experience. This allows me to combine a sound understanding of the economic and financial constraints under which organisations operate and of their strategic reasoning behind activities together with an analysis of the lived experience of workers to build the right solutions.

I am cognisant of issues around difficult employee relations and have knowledge of a wide range of business organisations and the HR function, having led CHSCT assignments for big companies.

Our solutions are informed by a multi-disciplinary approach involving human resources, occupational psychology and psychodynamics, business studies, employment laws, to consider work and work organisation-related issues anew.